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Established in 2003, T2 Personal Health manufactures and distributes high-quality and long-lasting premium personal lubricants. The company was incorporated in South Africa where it has become a key player in the sexual wellness and personal health care category. In 2017, we expanded our operations into South-East Asia and opened offices in Bangkok. Our T2-Max range of personal lubricants is manufactured in Thailand and widely available at selected retailers and pharmacy chains throughout the country.

Our personal lubricants are designed to enhance your pleasure and formulated to ensure maximum safety during intimacy. Using personal lubricant will increase your sexual comfort and smooth your every move.

Our aim is to promote sexual wellness and satisfaction. A healthy sex life is part of leading a fulfilling life. Feeling good about your sexuality and enjoying intimate pleasure has many associated health benefits. Combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise, having sex will keep you fit and healthy.



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